My Original Bathmate Review and Results – 2014


**UPDATE 2014**

This review reflects my experience with the Bathmate Hydromax X30 in the spring/summer of 2012, hence the use of “original bathmate review” in the title. Since then, Bathmate has released the X40, and Hydromax Xtreme models which I have had the pleasure of using and reviewing. You can find those reviews here and here. I am going to be writing a FREE e-book for you guys over the next  month that offers you a comprehensive look at all the penis pumps on the market, their pros and cons, different techniques to use with each, and my unique plan to gain size in the shortest period of time. You will be able to find that guide in the website’s side bar in late fall 2013!




Original Bathmate Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Bathmate Hydromax X30, in-depth information about the product, my reasons for choosing this device, and my experience and results using it.

When I started my PE (penis enlargement) journey I was sitting around 5.5 inches in length, and 1.5 inches girth, which I wasn’t really  happy with. I got involved in different forums like and decided to take responsibility dealing with things about myself that caused me to be self-conscious. I took a recommendation from another member and picked up the Bathmate Hydromax X30.

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Why the Bathmate?

The Bathmate is different from traditional air-based penis pumps because it is a hydropump product. A hydropump uses water as a vacuum to create an even pressure around your penis. This eliminates the problems that come with a traditional penis pump. This causes your penis to fill up with blood and expand your erection over time.

The Bathmate is also the number one penis pump in the US, and it has an amazing track record and band of loyal fans, so something had to have been working for them.


Does it work? Yes! It works.

When I was using the Bathmate, I noticed an immediate massive increase in post-pump girth size. This is quite common and is due to the bathmate bringing blood into your penis, which over time leads to permanent results. I used the bathmate for over 6 months in total (update 2013/2014 – I use the Penomet for maintenance now), but over the first 3 months I gained a ¼ inch in girth, and a ¼ inch in length.

If you use the bathmate properly, on a regular schedule, and don’t go overboard, you will see fantastic results. It’s like any other exercise. I’ve found that its better to use the product while your flaccid, although every user has a different opinion.

There are quite a few different routines that you can follow on the internet, you can find them on different forums, I’ve experimented with a few different jelqing routines while using the bathmate and saw amazing results fairly quickly. I will be posting some of these routines in the near future (Update 2013/2014 – you can now find these routines for FREE on my website). But a key part of my routines were supplementation, and you can read up on my in-depth male enhancement supplement reviews on my site.


Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Performance

You’ll see that a lot of websites claim that the bathmate will help cure erectile dysfunction and boost sexual stamina. I personally have not had experience with ED so I can’t touch on that, but it makes sense that if the bathmate draws blood into your penis, it is bound to have a positive effect on ED. Regarding this, I recommend that you do your research, find other people’s experience using the bathmate to treat this problem, and if need be, get medical device or take a look at your overall lifestyle.

Regarding sexual performance, I did notice the bathmate helped me perform better and for longer with my girlfriend. I’m not sure if this is a direct result of the bathmate’s effect, or if it came from a boost in confidence. I am leaning towards a boost in confidence but either way it has positively impacted my sex life.

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Customer Service & Money Back Guarantee

Bathmate has an awesome money back guarantee, they really stand behind it, so there are no significant financial risks involved.  You can try it out for up to twelve months, and you don’t see any differences, you can just send it back no questions asked.

There are practically nothing but positive reviews for the bathmate, I just have to stress that it is important not to wear it for any longer than 20 minutes per day, otherwise you may strain your penis. As long as you follow the instructions, the short and long term results are pretty spectacular.

If you are self-conscious about your penis size, I guarantee the bathmate will turn that around in 6 months or less.


Bathmate Pros & Cons:


Let’s do some pros and cons of the bathmate. Bathmate is for you if you are fond of using penis vaccum pumps, you want a rock solid 12 month money back guarantee, you want a completely safe penis enlargement solution, and you don’t want to take any dangerous medication or drugs to help with erections.


Some of the cons are, the product can only really work when you are taking a bath or a shower, it cannot be used any time or anywhere, and if you use it beyond the recommended use you may see some mild redness and soreness, so it is essential that you don’t pump for more than 20 minutes a day, and slowly work your way up to that if you are a beginner.

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As I was saying before, I’ve seen some fantastic results with bathmate, there aren’t really any significant negative comments I can make about this product. Whether you only use it to get a rock hard erection before sex, or long term to see length and girth gains, you won’t be disappointed with this product.

Bathmate is also offering a 25% discount on its products at the moment, you can follow the link below at the bottom of this article to take advantage of that discount. (UPDATE – the Bathmate Hydromax X40 is now here, it comes with improved suction, more room for growth, and stronger gaiter! Check it out through the link below!)





PS – Here is a bonus video for you, I will be releasing another review covering the brand new features of the Hydromax X30.


This is the new Bathmate hydromax X30, it’s a brand new product that bathmate has released. I just received the box in the mail a couple of days ago and decided to do an unboxing video. This is the package that it came in, just a plain brown box, it does not mention what the product is and there is no reference to what is inside the box, as I know that is a lot of guys main concerns.

Be sure to leave a comment with your experience, and don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any questions about my experience with the bathmate!


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